Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mino My Child, Shings My Love.

It's tough being a mom. It's even harder to be a wife. You know the one that cooks and clean. It's only tough because I have never been one before. I was a daughter and a girlfriend and was used to getting my ways. I was spoiled. I've hardly cook, clean, or do chores.

Now, I have a daughter whom I am slowly falling inlove with each and everyday. I'm not use to this kind of love before. All the things I did not understand about my mother when I was a child, I am now slowly understanding and accepting it. Although I do not show it. Afterall I am a stubborn child/mother. Today I was singing 'Minori had a little lamb' in my native tongue. It was cute I guess. She seems to like it. Gosh, just thinking about her makes me smile. But at times she is a handful and do I ever want to strangle the air. Hmmm...Mino my child

Shings, Shings, Shings. Today I've tried to make teriyaki beef over rice. It was a disaster, too much sauce. I'm like probably the worst wife ever. I'm starting to lose a little faith in cooking. It's slowly eating away at my heart. Cooking upset me. I will not give up though, I promise I won't be a slave to the fast food chain. It won't get me this time.

I hate to mention it but Shings is a better cook then me. I'll leave it as that. Hmmm...Shings my love.