Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mino My Child, Shings My Love.

It's tough being a mom. It's even harder to be a wife. You know the one that cooks and clean. It's only tough because I have never been one before. I was a daughter and a girlfriend and was used to getting my ways. I was spoiled. I've hardly cook, clean, or do chores.

Now, I have a daughter whom I am slowly falling inlove with each and everyday. I'm not use to this kind of love before. All the things I did not understand about my mother when I was a child, I am now slowly understanding and accepting it. Although I do not show it. Afterall I am a stubborn child/mother. Today I was singing 'Minori had a little lamb' in my native tongue. It was cute I guess. She seems to like it. Gosh, just thinking about her makes me smile. But at times she is a handful and do I ever want to strangle the air. Hmmm...Mino my child

Shings, Shings, Shings. Today I've tried to make teriyaki beef over rice. It was a disaster, too much sauce. I'm like probably the worst wife ever. I'm starting to lose a little faith in cooking. It's slowly eating away at my heart. Cooking upset me. I will not give up though, I promise I won't be a slave to the fast food chain. It won't get me this time.

I hate to mention it but Shings is a better cook then me. I'll leave it as that. Hmmm...Shings my love.


Ron said...

hahahah LOL!! You crack me up!
First of all, in a way, I'm happy to see that you're starting to accept the fact that you're a mother now--and you're doing this by coming to terms with understanding your own mother...that's a part of growing up. I'm proud of you! As for cooking, hey, it gets better with practice! It's not like sex ya know, you can't' score on the first try! :p

Frances said...

Lol I know how you feel!! I never use to do so much house work in my life.. now i have to take care of the baby and clean the house, cook and do laundry.. life changed when a baby comes:) and its funny when u say , how our babies can be a handful sometimes :)

"A baby will make love stronger, sleeps shorter, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."


Ron said...

Sanrann...I can't follow your blog if you're not going to blog!! And please don't put rude remarks on my comments section, do you realize that I get readers from all over the world and most of them are my business friends?

How rude. Get off your lazy ass and start blogging!