Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today I'd attend the "Nobody's Perfect" Workshop at Queen Elizabeth School. I had a taxi come to pick me up. As I got in and buckled Mino up I start reading the taxi rate. $3.50 for 66 meters and .10 after that. I seriously don't know how those damn meters work.

My taxi cost was covered for me but...gosh I couldn't believe the price of the taxi fare. As I was riding in the taxi my eyes were fixed on the meter. It started at $ 3.50 then rose to $ 4.00 as the taxi pass College Drive, thinking to myself, 'not bad.'

As we arrived at our second destination the taxi pulled to a stop in front of an apartment. As I waited for person #2 to come down from her home. I noticed the meter was now $ 10.00, and then it rose to 10.10, 10.20, ...14.10. It rose $4.00 more even though the taxi was in park. I didn't know those counted too. Imagine if there was a traffic jam and I was stuck for hours, how much would the fare be then? Realistically I live in Saskatoon and there is no such thing as an hour traffic jam, yet.

By the time we got to our destination (which happens to be the wrong place anyways) the fare came up to about $ 20.00 something. Gosh how can anyone afford to ride a taxi?

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Ron said...

Finally a blog post! Wheww, lucky I didn't hold my breath.

My most expensive taxi ride was in Amsterdam: $235 Euroes...maybe $400CDN.