Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poopy Diaper

Kids are so amazing! This evening I went to a baby shower. We were playing a game called 'poopy diaper', it's like 'hot potato' instead we just pass a poopy diaper around. Of course, it's a fake poopy diaper. I can't imagine if we used a real one. Stinky! Anyways, it was the highlight of the evening. The kids had so much fun.

It's was amuzing to watch them get all hyped up from passing a diaper around. One was doing little jumps on the couch and the other one was sitting down on an adult lap. Their eyes were just filled with sparkles as their arms extended reaching out to catch that poopy diaper with their chubby little fingers. Smiles and giggles were constantly exchange between the toddlers. That was a moment of happiness for everyone.

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Ron said...

Next time take a picture! I want to see!